About me

I'm investing and helping entrepreneurs to build AI-first technology and life science companies.

To that end, I am currently active on a number of fronts including:

My prior investing experience included investing a £20M fund in early-stage European and US technology companies. I was responsible for investments including Mapillary (acq. Facebook), Numerai, Ravelin, Thought Machine, Starship Technologies, Kalo, Trouva and Kyra. Playfair Capital became one of Europe's most active investors in data/AI-driven companies.

I earned an M.Phil and Ph.D. in computational and experimental cancer research as a Gates and Dr. Herchel Smith Scholar at the University of Cambridge, and a BA in biology from Williams College. I've published research that leverages both experimental and computational approaches to understand how we might stem the fatal spread of cancer around the body.


I also tweet sometimes from @nathanbenaich.