About me

I'm investing and helping entrepreneurs to build intelligent systems that solve substantive problems for enterprises and consumers.

To that end, I am currently active on a number of fronts including:

My prior investing experience included investing a £20M fund in early-stage European and US technology companies. I was responsible for investments including Mapillary, Numerai, Ravelin, Thought Machine, Starship Technologies, Kalo, Trouva and Dojo. Playfair Capital became one of Europe's most active investors in data/AI-driven companies.

I earned an M.Phil and Ph.D. in computational and experimental cancer research as a Gates and Dr. Herchel Smith Scholar at the University of Cambridge, and a BA in biology from Williams College. I've published research that leverages both experimental and computational approaches to understand how we might stem the fatal spread of cancer around the body.

Curious to learn more about my path from academia into technology investing? Read my story here.

I also tweet sometimes from @nathanbenaich.